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Black Nowhere

Black Nowhere

Coming on September 1st from Thomas & Mercer

Special Agent Lisa Tanchik is the best at taking down cybercriminals. So when the FBI discovers a multibillion-dollar black market online, she's tasked with finding the creator and bringing him to justice. Donning one of her many digital disguises, Tanchik goes undercover into the network.

Brilliant college student Nate Fallon started his site as an idealistic experiment. But his platform has made illegal trade not only more efficient—but also more dangerous. Now the FBI aren't the only ones out to get him. As profits soar, a criminal organization casts its monstrous gaze on Fallon, and danger leaps from cyberspace into reality.

Feeling pressure from both sides of the law, Fallon is forced to make a decision with shattering consequences. Can Agent Tanchik find Fallon before his dangerous infrastructure falls into the wrong hands?



"Black Nowhere is an extremely unsettling thriller that haunted me for weeks. It's a shrewd critique of Silicon Valley startup culture, a brisk FBI procedural, and a chilling look at a very modern form of amorality."
   —Dave Eggers, author of The Circle and Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award finalist

"Black Nowhere is a next-gen thriller that will leave your fingertips blistered from scrolling pages so fast. Prepare to lose sleep!"
   —Blake Crouch, international bestselling author of Dark Matter and the Wayward Pines trilogy

"Black Nowhere is a blast. A gripping thriller with wonderfully nuanced characters. If you haven't been reading Reece Hirsch, it's time to start."
   —Lisa Lutz, New York Times bestselling author of The Passenger

"Black Nowhere is a Dark Web Scarface for the twenty-first century! Fast, smart, and timely, Hirsch hits all the right notes in this cat-and-mouse page-turner that exposes the false utopia promised by the modern internet. I hope there is much more to come from Special Agent Lisa Tanchik."
   —Matthew FitzSimmons, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Short Drop

"Special Agent Lisa Tanchik is a terrific lead character, passionate about her work as she journeys into the dark web where cybercriminals lurk and nothing is what it seems. A must-read!"
   —T.R. Ragan, New York Times bestselling author

"Smart, intense and frighteningly real—I loved this book! Readers who enjoy thrillers with a heavy dose of high-tech computer wizardry will devour Reece Hirsch's gripping new novel. When two of the smartest people on the planet face off in a cat-and-mouse game that might be the end for them both, the outcome is anything but certain."
   —Karen Dionne, international bestselling author of The Marsh King's Daughter

"A sleek and suspenseful state-of-the-art thriller with crisp writing and engaging characters that has something to say about the way we live now."
   —Peter Blauner, New York Times bestselling author of Sunrise Highway

Thomas & Mercer, hardcover, September 2019, ISBN: 978-1542042918
Thomas & Mercer, paperback, September 2019, ISBN: 978-1542042895
Thomas & Mercer, ebook, September 2019, ASIN: B07KBB3XS6
Brilliance Audio, audiobook, September 2019, ASIN: B07N3468BL