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The Insider

The Insider

San Francisco corporate attorney Will Connelly's well-ordered life is shattered when he watches a colleague hurtle to his death outside his office window. Within days, Will is the prime suspect in a murder, the target of an S.E.C. insider trading investigation, and a pawn in a complex criminal scheme involving the Russian mafia and a ruthless terrorist plot. Now, Will must ensure that a deadly enemy doesn't gain access to the nation's most sensitive and confidential information—and the power to do incalculable, irrevocable harm.

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Finalist for the 2011 International Thriller Writers Award for Best First Novel

"Regulatory attorney Hirsch's debut thriller has something for everyone... Hirsch's fast-paced, film-ready plot and tough, ambitious characters will keep fans of legal thrillers on the edge of their seats."
   —Publishers Weekly

"Hirsch has exploded out of the gate with a mastery of pace and plotting that many authors take several books to find. Taking threads from a legal thriller, an organized crime story, and a race-against-the-clock terrorist plot, Hirsch has woven them all together in a wonderfully complex page turner. From the opening chapter death of his coworker to the closing chapter's clever swerve, The Insider is non-stop action. If you like thrillers, legal thrillers in particular, you'll love The Insider."
   —Savannah Morning News

"The Insider is a lightning-paced story, with dashes of sex and black humor.... I couldn't put it down."
   —Tallahassee Democrat

"This is Hirsch's first novel, but he handles things like a pro. The story moves right along, there's plenty of action, and Hirsch tosses in a couple of unexpected twists .... Soon enough I was rooting for [Will Connelly] to find a way out of all the messes he'd gotten himself into, and I think you will be, too."
   —Bill Crider's Pop Culture Magazine

"A fabulous, must-read, chilling thriller."
   —The Mystery Gazette

"Hirsch's debut novel puts an exciting twist on the legal thriller."
   —Fresh Fiction

"San Francisco is a beautiful backdrop for this mysterious, fast-paced thriller. It's amazing that this is Hirsch's first novel."
   —San Francisco Book Review

"Hirsch is adept at describing the fascinating world of corporate mergers, and the legal ramifications of its workings .... [A]n intriguing thriller."
   —I Love A Mystery

"San Francisco, the Russian mob, big business, and very fine legal madness—great stuff ... from Reece Hirsch [who] is writing and running with the big boys."
   —John Lescroart, New York Times bestselling author

"Gripping and gritty, The Insider sizzles with tension and twists that both entertain and magnetize. All the danger, treachery, and action that make a reader clamor for more are there. Well done."
   —Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author

"Compelling in its intensity, and explosive with insider details, The Insider by Reece Hirsch introduces gifted young attorney Will Connelly, who is hurled on a pulse-pounding journey into the heart of one of the country's top law firms and San Francisco's powerful Russian mafia. This is a legal thriller sure to keep you up late into the night. Watch out, John Grisham!"
   —Gayle Lynds, New York Times bestselling author

"Deftly plotted and filled with intricate twists and turns, Hirsch has written a terrific story that will keep you up late. We will be hearing more from this talented newcomer. Highly recommended."
   —Sheldon Siegel, New York Times bestselling author

"For many years, the inside-the-Beltway debate over the Clipper Chip, crypto policy and the role of the super-secret National Security Agency was the domain of a small number of policy geeks. Now Reece Hirsch brings the story to life in a brisk thriller that combines John Grisham prose, Enemy of the State tension and Grand Theft Auto action. You'll never look at a mobile phone the same way again."
   —Marc Rotenberg, President, Electronic Privacy Information Center

"Reece Hirsch's The Insider is an absolutely stellar debut thriller, in which one tiny misstep lands us in a high-stakes mirror world of government subterfuge, terrorist plots, wannabe Russian mobsters, cutthroat white-shoe lawyers, and corporate double-dealing. What's not to like?"
   —Cornelia Read, author of Invisible Boy

"An extraordinary, fast-paced thriller with compelling characters, understated humor, and a great story. It runs the gamut from national security issues to terrorism to the Russian mob ... a cross between John Grisham and Eastern Promises."
   —Michelle Gagnon, author of The Gatekeeper

"Only a lawyer could have written a novel with so much deception and betrayal. I was hooked from page one."
   —Tim Maleeny, bestselling author of Jump

"Attorney Hirsch's debut thriller delivers on every front: a deft plot, blistering action, and plenty of unexpected twists. The finer points of the law are skillfully woven into a tale of insider trading that reaches all the way into the Russian mafiya and a terrorist cell. Hirsch brings San Francisco alive as the story unfolds in its famous streets and hidden alleys, its ethnic neighborhoods and corporate fortresses."
   —Sophie Littlefield, author of A Bad Day for Sorry

"Fresh and genuinely exciting ... Hirsch manages to deftly combine a twisty plot involving Russian mobsters, insider trading and a secret government surveillance program with a sly satire of life in a big law firm."
   —Julia Scheeres, author of Jesus Land

"A big-time novel ... fast, smart, and gripping. It hooked me on the first paragraph of page one and held me through to the end."
   —Frank Baldwin, author of Jake & Mimi